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Weight Benches

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Weight Benches & Sets are a part of most muscle building workouts, ever wondered why so many gyms are packed full of Multi-Functional Weight Benches, Flat Benches, Incline/Decline Benches & Olympic Bench Presses?

Weight Benches & Lifts, Cable Bench Presses and Leg Extensions are the bases to a whole body weight lifting and strength training workout and are necessary to providing stable support and body alignment during each repetition.
To get the most out of your workout It Is important to remember it’s not all about how much you lift, but the technique and tools you use while lifting that ultimately determines the outcome & effectiveness of your results.

Weight Benches & Lifts can be conveniently located within your home gym or office, our Multi-Station Gym & Cable Bench Press maybe all you need for your own home gym isolating your chest, back, biceps, legs, shoulders & triceps all in 1 machine. Available in different designs & functions our refined range caters from beginners to experienced weight lifters.

Owning a Multi-Station Weight Bench will help achieve your fitness goals with angled benches, adjustable racking poles, weight plate storage, attachable abb crunch straps, incline levels & dense thick cushioning from comfort & support. Our Cable Bench Press Multi Station Home Gym includes features such as wide and close grip attachments, padded preacher curl pad, padded leg and foot holds, triple pulley system, mesh weight guards and 98lbs weight plates included. The Home Gym enables you to perform all your favourite strength and weight training exercises from bench press to leg extensions to seated cable rows.

HPF is one of Australia’s leading online Fitness Equipment providers ,we at Mytopia offer a refined range of not only Weight Training Equipment such as our Weight Sets & Benches, Dumbbells & Chin-Up Bars but Cardio Equipment including Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes & Indoor Bicycle Trainers with added Flexibility  & Balance Training products such as with Yoga Balls & Inversion Tables.

Affordable and easy to use at any level, Press, curl and lift your way to the body you’ve always wanted. Get the optimal gym experience at home today!

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